Tesla in China: Dominating the EV market with 0 marketing budget

Tesla in China

Since its founding in 2003, Tesla’s vision is to manufacture mass-market Electric Vehicles (EVs) with compelling value propositions. This includes a long-range, rechargeability, energy efficiency, reasonable prices, and high performance without compromising design. Tesla’s automotive segment comprises of the design, production, and sale of fully EVs. Tesla targets the premium sedan and SUV markets through its Models […]

The Automotive Industry in China

The automotive industry in China has experienced a lightning advance to become one of the five largest industries in the country. Despite the rapid growth of all sectors of China’s prosperous economy, automotive industry outperformed others during the past seven years with high annual growth rates. China may well become a prosperous market of production and a large consumer market with more than a fifth of the population and rapid growth in almost all sectors of the economy of the world. The Global Automotive Market From 2001 to 2005, China increased its share in the global auto market from 4% to 10%, to be equal to Japan’s automotive market. Given current conditions and the inertia in Japanese sales. The rapid growth produces, a greater emergence of modern and business technologies with aggressive manufacturing. In order to encourage the investment and the increasing of the ‘made in China’ vehicles, […]