Podcast transcript #68: All the things you need to know for running B2B business on WeChat

B2B business on WeChat

Find here the China Paradigm 68 and find more about developing B2B business on WeChat, it includes the techniques in building WeChat official account, how to attract potential customers interested in using WeChat to buy things, and what functions of WeChat do China’s semiconductor companies take into account when doing marketing on it. Full transcript […]

China Paradigm 68: Why using WeChat for B2B sales is a game-changer

Wechat for B2B sales

In this episode of China paradigm, Larry Feng, Owner of Icfrom, speaks with Matthieu David about using WeChat for B2B sales. In this episode, Larry talks about electronics components and Icfrom’s target customers. He also mentions about how WeChat acts as the right platform for Icfrom for selling products internationally. 00:59 What’s the size of […]