Key Growth Engines of Internet retail in China

Internet retail in China

Internet retail in China has experienced exponential growth, with a current value CAGR of 58.58% from 2010 to 2019; the highest among all channels in retailing in the country. Internet retailing attracts a large consumer base in China, especially the digital-savvy young and middle-aged consumers, with the penetration rate of over 70% in 1st tier […]

B2C e-commerce in China Overview: E-commerce in China is growing at a rapid pace

B2C Ecommerce in China

The B2C e-commerce market in China has grown from $229.9 billion in 2012 to $1.5 trillion in 2019 and is projected to grow at an annual 13.8% over the next five years, to $2.8 trillion in 2024. Suc industry is still in the growth phase of its economic life cycle, and in 2019, e-commerce made up 36.6% of total retail […]

B2C 3C Product Purchasers in China

In year 2010, there were 32.19 million B2C 3C purchasers in China, which is 32.4% of the total B2C purchasers. 3C product is the category that has achieved fast development over the recent years online. The first reason is that with the help of the internet, they have great comparative advantage in product price, thus […]

Market report in China: Famous B2C Websites in China

In China, e-commerce is developing at a fast pace, and thus all kinds of B2C websites are coming into being. In terms of market occupancy rate, the current situation of B2C websites is that there are many powerful competitors and one dominant player. 63.4% B2C consumers use Tmall. Then is Dangdang, which 20.8% B2C consumers […]

Market analysis: B2C Consumers in China

In year 2010, the number of B2C consumers in China reached 99.36 million, which makes up 61.9% of all online purchasers. Clothing, books and 3C products are the top three categories of goods that are most welcomed on B2C websites. 51.1% of all consumers buy clothes and shoes on B2C websites, 32.4% buy books and […]

Market study: B2C book purchasers in China

In 2010, the number of B2C book purchasers in China reached 22.06 million, accounting for 32.4% of total B2C purchasers. Books were one of the earliest goods sold online in China. In 2010, there was another sales boom in B2C book purchasing. Dangdang began its e-book market, and 360buy opened its book category. The competition between […]