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Market report in China: Famous B2C Websites in China

In China, e-commerce is developing at a fast pace, and thus all kinds of B2C websites are coming into being. In terms of market occupancy rate, the current situation of B2C websites is that there are many powerful competitors and one dominant player. 63.4% B2C consumers use Tmall. Then is Dangdang, which 20.8% B2C consumers use, and then is Amazon with 11.9%, and 360buy has 10.5%. QQshop has 5.1%, Vancl has 4.6%, and M18, Newegg and Redbaby have, respectively, 2.3%, 1.8%, and 1.0%.

Generally speaking, most B2C consumers tend to buy a certain type of product from a fixed website. Only a few would choose to buy the same type of product from two different websites.

99.5% B2C consumers of maternal and child supplies choose to purchase from a single website. 93.8% B2C consumers of household electrical appliances make the same choice. And 91.3% B2C consumers of clothing buy clothes from a single website. However, 15% B2C consumers of books and 10.1% consumers of 3C products would choose to buy books and 3C products from two different websites or more.

Tmall: the leading B2C website in China

Tmall is the B2C platform built by Taobao. Ever since its birth on April 10th, 2008, many famous brands like Kappa, Levi’s, Espirit, JackJones, Lock&Lock, Supor, Disney, and UNIQLO all have set up their official flagship stores in Tmall, and recevied great welcome. Tp to now, Tmall has had over 400 million consumers, over 50,000 shops and over 70,000 brands.

There are various types of products in Tmall. Consumers can find cars, computers, clothing, ornaments, medicines, household items, and even trading sectors of online game equipment.

Tmall provides good services. It has an unconditional return policy within 7 days. Also, it guarantees that all products sold are genuine and are subject to the supervision of all consumers. In addition, it has established cooperation with nine express delivery companies, and these companies will provide special service for Tmall.

Dangdang: the biggest online Chinese bookstore in the world

Dangdang was established in November, 2011.Now, it is the world’s biggest online Chinese bookstore, providing Chinese readers around the world with over 300 thousand Chinese books and audio-video products. In December, 2010, Dangdang became listed in stock exchanges in the United States.

Ever since its establishment in 1999, the sales volume of Dangdang has increased by more than 400 times. Now it has more than a million types of goods, and over 600,000 books. The number of its registered users increases at a speed of nearly 10 million per year. Dangdang has its own express network in 192 cities in China, and now it has already expanded its business in Hong Kong(香港), Macau(澳门), Taiwan(台湾), the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia.



Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consultant China

Credit Photo: CNNIC