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The organic food market in China

Organic food market in China

The definition of organic food in China The organic production, including atmosphere quality, organic irrigation water, unpolluted soil and natural processing. Organic food in China has to satisfy the following requirements: “Complying with specific principles of agricultural production, production did not use raw materials or products generated by genetic engineering, did not use chemical syntheses […]

Market report in China: Famous B2C Websites in China

In China, e-commerce is developing at a fast pace, and thus all kinds of B2C websites are coming into being. In terms of market occupancy rate, the current situation of B2C websites is that there are many powerful competitors and one dominant player. 63.4% B2C consumers use Tmall. Then is Dangdang, which 20.8% B2C consumers […]

Market research: the pet market in China

When the first Asian pets exhibition was held in Hong Kong(香港) in 1997, China’s pet industry entered a new era. Over the 15 years since the event, China’s pet market developed very quickly and shows even more potential for growth. By the end of 2010, the number of dogs and cats as pets in China […]