China Paradigm 64: Investing in China with a 5-time founder with 5 successful exits

investing in China

In this episode of China Paradigm, Geoffrey Handley, Co-founder and General Partner of Haitao Capital, speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about investing in China, in startups, mentoring startups, and succeeding guided by the right principles. 2:07 About Haitao Capital’s business lens 16:48 How Haitao Capital invests 19:32 Where can foreigners be successful in China 27:11 How […]

Finding a business partner in China

finding business a partner in China

Finding a business partner in China China is one of the world’s most attractive markets for entrepreneurs looking for worldwide expansion, however doing business in China is a completely different deal from doing business in Europe, or in the U.S., whether it be because of different cultures or different business habits. Finding a business partner […]

How to Find a Business Angel in China

When you are in search of financing, the idea of a business angel-an individual investor with money to invest in early-stage or start up companies. But where and how to find an angel? 1 Define who you are looking for It is much better to look for angel investor you need than to keep the […]