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How to Find a Business Angel in China

When you are in search of financing, the idea of a business angel-an individual investor with money to invest in early-stage or start up companies. But where and how to find an angel?

1 Define who you are looking for

It is much better to look for angel investor you need than to keep the typical angel investor in mind. In fact, angels look for companies with growth and export potential. They understand that it take time to get their investment back. In addition, they expect to be well compensated for their risk.

2 Look close to Angel Investors Nearby

Because many angel investors like to play an active role in the business they invest in , they prefer to invest in businesses that are close to home.

3 Create your angel investor network

Normally the angel investors are not going to hang out on the street waiting to talk to whoever comes by. In order to get to know the right business angel, you have to know the right person who can refer you to the angel investor you are looking for.

4 Make an completed business plan

To persuade the business angel to invest in your business, it is important to make a perfect and persuasive business plan presented to investors.

Finding an angel investor is not a particularly easy task, but the effort will really pay off when you find the angel investor who is willing to invest in your business. Besides providing the capital your business needs, the advice and know-how of an angel investor can be key to shaping your company’s success.

There are now many business angels in China, for example, the PE/VC such as Hua Run Trust, Gansu Trust, Xian Trust, Shandong Trust, Hongshan Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd and so on.