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Why China’s Idol Economy is at its Turning Point

idol economy in China

The year 2021 has been the turning point for China’s idol economy. After several years of booming growth, it fell into decline from July 2021 onwards. The “Operation Qinglang” (清朗运动, the operation to cleanse the entertainment industry) launched by the Cyberspace Administration of China in August dealt a huge blow to the idol economy. With […]

Calvin Klein in China

Calvin Klein in China

Introduction of Calvin Klein Calvin Klein (abbreviation: CK), is an American fashion brand, founded in 1968. It was named after the founder, designer Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is one of the largest designer brands in the United States. Its new product designs are endless, and the momentum of Calvin Klein in China is strong. Their […]

Tommy Hilfiger in China: Digital marketing and celebrity endorsements

Tommy Hilfiger in China case study

Founded in 1985, in The United States, Tommy Hilfiger is a highly recognizable designer brand dedicated to producing unique, classic and highly fashionable clothing and accessories for the global market. The product range includes men and women’s wear, children’s wear and a jeans collection. Other affiliated products include as watches and perfumes. Tommy Hilfiger in […]

Top 10 foreign male celebrities in China 2020

Korean celebrities in China are favored In 2020, due to dynamic culture pattern, cultural similarity and changing Chinese preferences, Asian, especially South Korean the most famous foreign male celebrities in China. However, western male stars are also favored by Chinese. According to a topic on Baidu Tieba (Simliar to Reddit in China), Chinese people are […]

Marketing research: Chinese celebrity brand endorsers

Most powerful Chinese celebrity brand endorser

The influence of Chinese celebrity brand endorsers has become less generalized Looking back to the early 2010’s, the top Chinese celebrity brand endorsers were mostly easily accepted by the general public. There was no big controversy over who is the most fit brand endorser as there was much less national celebrities back then. The celebrities […]

China research: Famous female western celebrities in China

Angelina Jolie Endorsement: Louis Vuitton Sophie Marceau Endorsement: CHAUMET & Dior Julia Roberts Endorsement: Lancôme Meryl Streep Endorsement: Salvatore Ferragamo Emma Watson Endorsement: Burberry, Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose, Alberta Ferretti, People Tree, etc. Anne Hathaway Endorsement:  Lancôme Magnifique, Lux, and Redu. Scarlett Johansson Endorsement: MANGO, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. Nicole Richie Endorsement: MercuryDuo Cameron Diaz Endorsement: TAG Heuer […]

10 China couples stars brands love

Wang Fei(王菲) and Li Yapeng(李亚鹏) Wang Fei has been a spokesperson for many global brands, such as LV, CELINE, Motorola, J-phone(Japan), Baleno attitude, Pepsi, Jovell, Head-Shoulders (海飞丝). And Li worked for Porsche Design. Liu Jialing(刘嘉玲) and Liang Chaowei(梁朝伟) Liu worked for LUX, SK-Ⅱ, OSIM, WANKO, Yan Zhiwu(燕之屋), Shui Xing Jia Fang(水星家纺), while Liang Chaowei worked […]