5 Chinese companies you didn’t know were using private traffic

5 Chinese brands using private traffic

The phenomenal success of Perfect Diary through leveraging private traffic highlighted this concept as key in marketing to the Chinese market. This is especially in the context of how e-commerce in China is predicted to comprise 57% of total retail sales in 2022, thus highlighting the importance of online customer engagement. What is private traffic […]

Chando: How this Chinese beauty brand continues to thrive in China’s rising beauty sector

Chando market strategy

Chando is a Chinese beauty brand founded in 2001 by the International Beauty Group Garan. Since then, it has been consistently considered as one of the top players in the domestic beauty market. During T-mall’s 2019 11/11 event, Chando was the top-performing domestic beauty brand with a 498 Million Yuan sales revenue. This is the fourth time Chando has […]

The rise of Chinese makeup brands: Florasis, Little Dream Garden, WIS, and Perfect Diary

Marketing strategies of Chinese domestic cosmetics brands

With an increasing income and the growth of related industries like e-commerce, the cosmetics industry is gaining incredibly momentum. Historically, foreign cosmetics brands took a larger market share, however as of 2020, Chinese domestic cosmetic brands are giving foreign brands a run for their money. This piece explores the marketing strategies of Chinese makeup brands, […]