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China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ initiative and its potential economic impacts explained

China’s Common Prosperity’

In early 2021, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a speech emphasizing the importance of ‘Common Prosperity’, setting this concept as a tone in policy making for the next few years. As a policy-guided and increasingly modernized country, China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ campaign gathers momentum and impacts all aspects of society almost instantly. What’s China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ […]

Why China Market Research must Examine Culture

China market research and culture

China has enormous geographical disparities and socioeconomic variations across its regions. Consumer preferences evolve rapidly and sometimes even erratically. These cultural considerations should be taken into account when conducting China market research. It poses unique challenges to dominant and maintain dominance in the Chinese market. For instance, Uber, the senior leaders of Uber did their […]

China’s Silver Economy Quiz | Daxue Consulting

China's silver economy quiz

This quiz is no longer available, stay tuned for more quiz about the Chinese market! Make the new economic China Paradigm positive leverage for your business Do not hesitate to reach out our project managers at to get all answers to your questions

China Demographics Quiz

Quiz your China knowledge How much do you really know about Chinese consumers? What monthly income is considered middle class in China? Take our China demographics quiz, and learn a thing or two! powered by Typeform Daxue Consulting can help you find the right consumers for your products in China Make the new economic China […]

China’s Macro Economy——A Zigzag Path 2

Here come my concerns about problems that China’s economy is still facing. On one hand, although China’s large-scale lending and infrastructure spending projects have boosted domestic economy, it cannot be maintained indefinitely. The large level of borrowing will ultimately lead to a rise in non-performing loans on the balance sheets of major banks, which is […]

China’s Macro Economy——A Zigzag Path 1

Over the past several years, China has been a major contributor to the world economy. However, the global economic slowdown after 2007 had a remarkable negative impact on China’s industries that depend on FDI (Foreign direct investment) flows. Millions of workers in export sector were laid off because China’s economy heavily depends on international trade […]