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Forging partnerships: navigating joint ventures in China


China has been an appealing destination for global businesses due to its market size, manufacturing and supply chain strengths, developed e-commerce ecosystem and innovation capabilities. This has led multinationals to enter the Chinese market through exporting, licensing, franchising, strategic alliances, acquisitions, and joint ventures (JVs). JVs allow a foreign company to partner with a local company […]

What is the recipe for successful China market entry strategy?

china market entry

Navigating the complexities of China’s business culture and political environment is crucial for a successful market entry. With over 1.4 billion inhabitants, China has the largest population in the world, offering businesses a vast pool of potential customers and clients. The middle class in the nation is also growing quickly as more and more people […]

Register a WFOE / WFOE in China

Starting a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in China. Due to the recent focus on the emerging economies in Asia, international firms the world over have been pursuing entry into the vibrant and dynamic markets of the continent. China particularly has seen record numbers of foreign companies wanting to set-up operations in the country and the […]