Yin jewelry, redefining the gold jewelry market in China

Yin jewelry gold market in China

Yin jewelry (隐) is a Chinese jewelry brand created in 2014 by two Chinese women. Starting out as a niche independent designer studio on Taobao at first and then Tmall, Yin jewelry is now working towards a mass-market brand. The brand’s concept is to create and sell “timeless, subtle and gold jewelry”. Download our report […]

LEGO China: a history of constant innovation

LEGO China market strategy case study

LEGO is winning the Chinese market via providing the ultimate user experience. Through its omni-channel strategy, LEGO China creates meaningful experiences for its customers at every touch point. The experience as part of the whole product, improves customer satisfaction. The ultimate result of this satisfaction is that customers and LEGO get to know each other. […]

Private Traffic in China: Own your customer traffic

private traffic in China

Private traffic, known as 私域流量 in Chinese, is a trending term among China marketers in 2019 and 2020. Private traffic is a marketing method where communication with customers is funneled into private pools on platforms that allow brands to have full control without costs of third-party platforms. This way, brands can systematically reach users at […]

What is the recipe for successful China market entry? | Daxue Consulting

successful China market entry

China market entry plan Entering the Chinese market is a challenging process. Understanding China’s business culture and political environment, and adapting to that, can help your brand, product, or service development in China. Daxue Consulting provides comprehensive market entry support for any international brand or company looking to enter the Chinese market. Step-by-step China Market Entry […]

How to work with KOLs in China

In recent years, KOLs have become a phenomenon in China. A KOL in China, known as an influencer in western countries, refers to a person, organization, or community who creates high-quality content on social media and has a group of loyal followers (ranging from thousands to millions) engaging with them. Baidu Index shows remarkable growth […]