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China Research: uncertain future of VIEs

Certain industries in China are technically off limits to foreign investors, yet foreign companies have managed to invest indirectly in several Chinese companies within these sectors for over a decade. Using V.I.E.s (variable interest entities), foreign investors replace direct ownership of a company through contractual agreements with holding companies that invest in these restricted companies […]

Market research: Foreign companies in baby formula industry

Fonterra’s milk powder food-safety scandal On August 3th, 2013, Fonterra released to the press that some of its exported whey protein products may contain Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria that can cause botulism. Botulism is a paralytic illness that affects the nervous and respiratory systems and can cause death in some cases. Fonterra attributes its contamination […]

Market research: Headphones in China

With a continually growing product output, the Chinese earphone & headphone industry has enjoyed rapid development since 2008. The national industrial policy encourages the earphone & headphone industry as the country hopes to increase the usage of hi-tech products. At the same time, domestic investment in the industry has gradually increased. As investors pay more […]