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China Paradigm 120: Paving the way for bakeries to enter and grow in China

bakeries in China

Bakeries in China Matthieu David interviews Pierre Gilson, founder and chef at Stoneground Consulting. When it comes to the bakery & pastry industry there is definitely a paradigm in the context of the Chinese market. While westerners consume baked goods and pastries on a daily basis, Chinese consumers enjoy them on relatively special occasions. Pierre […]

Bread Consumption in China: Soon the second largest consumers of bakery products in the world?

bread consumption in China

Bread Consumption in China. Baguette, croissants, and macaroons are no more unknown to Chinese consumers’ palates. Consuming Western bakery food has become trendy, says Daxue Consulting’s project leader Thibaud Andre, and demand grows steadily. Let’s have a closer look at the Chinese baking industry, surprisingly dominated by Asian players. Chinese appetite for bakery products grows, […]

The Bakery Market in China

The Bakery Market in China

Bakery Product Manufacturing in China Industry  The Chinese market for bakery products could reach $47 billion within the following 4 years as more and more urban people choose to eat snacks on the go. China is set to become one of the most attractive cereals and bakery markets worldwide. According to Daxue Consulting report, the […]