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Chinese makeup brands revolutionize the market

In the multifaceted Chinese cosmetics market, the makeup segment occupies a significant share of the transactions. The landscape is not dominated by any particular brand, in fact, it is a multipolar system with ongoing competition between foreign and Chinese makeup brands. As of 2023, while international brands generally still hold the lead, there is a […]

How C-beauty brand Timage is leveraging social media to grow its consumer base

Timage (彩棠) is a Chinese makeup brand. During 2022 Douyin Double 11, it performed exceptionally well, ranking among the top ten highest-selling makeup companies. Timage has been growing non-stop for the past year and a half. How was it able to increase popularity so drastically? The pandemic caused temporary setback for China’s beauty industry Due […]

Perfect Diary: a once-thriving cosmetics brand’s decline and lessons learned

Perfect Diary, a cosmetic brand originating from China, achieved early success in its global expansion efforts. The brand’s initial popularity in China was fueled by effective marketing strategies, including KOL (Key Opinion Leader) marketing, co-branding, and private traffic pools. However, despite its standing as a leading makeup brand in China, Perfect Diary’s success has waned […]