KANS strategy to take the premium anti-aging Chinese skincare market

KANS Chinese brand in skincare market

KANS (Han Shu, 韩束) was founded in Shanghai, China in 2002 with the slogan “science realizes your beauty” as its core concept to create empirical and effective skincare products for Asian women. The brand accounts for 2.1% of brand shares in the  skin care market in China. As a representative of domestic skin care brands, […]

The success of Nayuki, the Chinese new-style tea store going global

Photo credit: nipic

In contrast to the downfall of the Chinese coffee-based beverage company Luckin Coffee, China’s new style tea market did not cease to expand during the pandemic which caused major economic recessions across the globe. Nayuki, A local Chinese new style tea company, announced its new round of funding this June, which was a nearly 100-million-dollar […]

Market research: Solar water heaters in China

China’s has been using solar hot water heating more and more in recent years. The city of Dezhou (德州) has facilitated its growing popularity among Chinese consumers. A new video from Greenpeace highlights the growth of solar energy among residents and as an industry. Of Dezhou’s 5.5 million residents, almost all living in the new […]