Four products with Chinese characteristics that are common in China and not in the West

Chinese characteristic products that are rare in the west

China has a distinguished culture in contrast to the west. This contributes to the fact that some products with Chinese characteristics has been very localized and popular in China. The following products are selected from different categories: food and beverage, clothing and health supplements. 1. Baijiu Baijiu is a strong distilled Chinese spirit, 40%-60% alcohol […]

The Fast Fashion Industry in China Dresses the New Mix & Match Generation

The fast fashion market in China

The fast fashion market in China is in flux and there are some ongoing trends brands should be aware of in order to avoid getting left behind. Sales in China’s apparel market have reached over CNY 2,077 billion in 2018, growing at 7.8% YOY, which is the fastest growth rate since 2014. It is predicted […]