China reacts to the death of former French President Jacques Chirac | Daxue Consulting

Jacques Chirac and China

On Thursday, Sep 26th, the former French President Jacques Chirac passed away in Paris at the age of 86. His influence was felt across France as thousands of French people, despite harsh weather condition, queued in Paris on Sep 29th to pay their last tribute after the funeral. Jacques Chirac, center-right socialist politician, served as […]

Chinese Tourism in France: Chinese Perception of French Cities | Daxue Consulting

Chinese tourists in France

Chinese tourism in France Atout France Actively Promotes French Tourism on Chinese Digital Platforms The Weibo official account of Atout France has attracted 1.6 million followers with 6,125 posts in total and an active posting frequency of 1-3 posts per day. It has been sharing a wide range of topics about France, including views, food, […]