Market research: Headphones in China

With a continually growing product output, the Chinese earphone & headphone industry has enjoyed rapid development since 2008. The national industrial policy encourages the earphone & headphone industry as the country hopes to increase the usage of hi-tech products. At the same time, domestic investment in the industry has gradually increased. As investors pay more […]

P&G in China

With the aim to penetrate deeper into the fast-growing Chinese market, Procter& Gamble recently began the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Guangzhou (广州), China. It has also announced plans to reduce costs by $10 billion by 2016 and invest more in the emerging markets. It is likely to add 20 new manufacturing units in Brazil, China […]

China Stratey: Unilever in China

Recent moves by Unilever to raise 300 million RMB may appear modest in scale, but the decision by the consumer goods group behind Dove shampoo, Cornetto ice creams and Lipton tea to launch a so-called “dim sum bond”, denominated in RMB, has further underlined its Chinese ambitions. The Anglo-Dutch multinational has, by its own admission, faltered […]

Research on Venture Capitalists in China

China is no longer the country that merely manufactured your iPhone. It is the world’s next technological dynasty: 1.3 billion gadget-hungry individuals crowding into the 21st century. Venture capital are pouring money into its every hint of innovation, and not just in technology. Of the 72 IPOs to hit the market last year, 24 were Chinese. […]

Market research: Convenience stores market in China

Beijing (北京) has unveiled new policies to encourage the establishment of neighborhood convenience stores in an effort to ensure that there is at least one mini-supermarket or convenience store in every neighborhood. According to the policies issued on Wednesday by the Commerce Commission in cooperation with the Beijing Finance Bureau, Beijing is encouraging the establishment […]

Cosmetics and Toiletries Market in China

China represents one of the most dynamic and untapped cosmetics and toiletries markets in the world. Last six to seven years have proved highly beneficial for the market when it has undergone rapid transformation and expansion phase. The Chinese cosmetics and toiletries market is the 2nd largest in Asia-Pacific region after Japan and seventh largest […]

Market study: MHD in China

Moët Hennessy Diageo Shanghai Ltd. (MHD China) was jointly established by the luxury products group Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and the global spirits group Diageo. The partnership is focused on the business and market development of premium wine and spirits products in China. Many of its brands have a rich history of hundreds […]

Market research: Toothpaste in China

Gone are the days when big multinationals in China could easily dominate every consumer segment from toothpaste to laundry detergent. For years, the main concern for companies such as Procter & Gamble Co. were counterfeits, as their brands had strong brand recognition and were popular among the newly expanding consumer market. However, this is no longer the […]