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The Chinese art market: young collectors fuel contemporary art surge

The global art market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, playing a significant role in cultural exchange and economic development. While its artistic roots stretch back centuries, China’s art market has boomed in recent decades, becoming a major player on the global art scene. In recent years, the Chinese art market has witnessed a meteoric rise, solidifying […]

Behind Puma’s growth in China

Puma entered the Chinese market in 1999, opened its first branch in 2003, and has since introduced more than 2,000 stores in almost 600 cities in China. In January 2011, Puma acquired 100% of its long-term joint venture, Liberty China Holding Ltd, which has further strengthened its position in Greater China. Pre-pandemic, Puma in China […]

6 common mistakes when entering the Chinese market and how to avoid them

Chinese market

The Chinese market is understandably an attractive target for foreign companies. China’s GDP has shown significant growth, increasing from US$1.21 trillion in 2000 to US$14.28 trillion in 2019. Comparing this to other world economies, China exceeds Germany’s GDP of US$3.86 trillion (2019) but still falls below the US GDP of US$21.43 trillion (2019). Private consumption […]

Daxue Talks 66: New strategies to operate successfully in renewed Chinese markets

renewed Chinese markets

New strategies to operate successfully in renewed Chinese markets Our guest Miro Li, founder of a niche social media marketing consultancy in China, tells us how KOLs and brands are evolving to adapt to consumers’ needs during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. Find out what omni-channel marketing strategies brands could use in the renewed Chinese […]

Daxue Talks 10: Pros of setting up a company in Hangzhou over Shanghai

Hangzhou over Shanghai

setting up a company in Hangzhou over Shanghai The next guest on Daxue Talks is a Russian expert in developing foreign markets, Igor Temirov. In this China business vlog, we clarify all the benefits of setting up a company outside of 1-tier cities but not far from them. Specifically, this case is about Hangzhou over […]

[Infographic] China Football Industry: Trends and Opportunity

China football industry

The development of China football industry offers attractive prospects for the emerging sports equipment market On 22 October 2016, the Italian former professional football player Marcello Lippi was appointed coach of the Chinese football team. This decision is further evidence of the new dimension Chinese authorities want to give to the Chinese soccer. The former […]

Can companies predict the future using Big Data in China?

big data in China

Say goodbye to crystal balls, here is Big Data in China Some say that it may soon allow us to predict the future, while others see it as the worst nightmare for privacy protection. In China, where access to secondary data is difficult due to lack of transparency, Big Data in China offers great opportunities […]

Market Sizing in China: How to Size Your Consumer Demand?

focus group in cina

Why market sizing in China is necessary for your company When creating your company or entering a new market, assessing the targeted market potential is crucial to define your strategic plans. Knowing your market sizing in China allows to answer to questions such as: Is the market we target big enough to interest us? Does […]

Nursing home in China: A potential growing market

Nursing home China

China has become an ageing society, which offers immense opportunities for foreign senior care providers, but a lack of clear government guidelines and other misunderstandings of the market may hinder some investment plans, so it is of great importance to understand this market before entering. Market background & Current Situation This paragraph gives a quick […]

Market research: Headphones in China

With a continually growing product output, the Chinese earphone & headphone industry has enjoyed rapid development since 2008. The national industrial policy encourages the earphone & headphone industry as the country hopes to increase the usage of hi-tech products. At the same time, domestic investment in the industry has gradually increased. As investors pay more […]