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China Paradigm 70: Selling health supplements in China, a promising market

health supplements in China

In this episode of China Paradigm, Laurent Cibot, CEO of Imported Health Supplements Division at OMEY Group, speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about selling health supplements in China. In this China business vlog, Laurent talks about what does he do in the health care industry and his experience in dealing with industry regulations. He also mentioned […]

E-pharmacy in Mainland China: the health shift online

Daxue Consulting- e-pharmacy in China

How will major market players come together to support the E-pharmacy in China? E-pharmacy, also called “internet pharmacy” (网上药店) are online platforms that act as intermediaries or retailers to facilitate the sales of medicine, and are becoming increasingly popular across the world. China is currently facing many of the same regulatory and security challenges with […]