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Chinese tourism in Germany: Chinese perceptions of German cities | Daxue Consulting

Chinese tourists in Germany

Chinese tourism in Germany Where in Germany do Chinese travel? China is the largest source market worldwide – there were 149.72 million outbound trips from Chinese tourists in 2018, with a Y-o-Y increase of 14.7%. Asian countries are the first choice for most Chinese when they travel abroad. Europe has become the second favorite destination […]

Where do Chinese tourists travel, eat and stay while in South-West Europe? | Daxue Consulting

What are the most popular European countries among Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists in South-West Europe. The implementation of Belt and Road Initiative has enhanced Chinese tourists’ understanding of Europe. The increase in new routes and charter flights has enabled Chinese consumers in second- and third-tier cities travel to Europe. Local terrorist attacks didn’t influence the Chinese people’s wishes of traveling, and we can see the […]

[Interview] How to reach on high-end tourism market in China?

Daxue consulting-high-end tourism market in China

Over the next few years, how will the high-end tourism market in China evolve around the upcoming adventure travel segment? Published on June 5th 2016, Hurun Report’s (胡润百富) annual study about Chinese luxury travelers displays a shift in wealthy traveler expectations. Indeed, whereas leisure travel was the most popular travel theme in consumers’ minds for […]

Chinese Travellers and China’s travellers

Daxue consulting - Chinese travellers

Why an increasing amount of Chinese citizens, are travelling abroad more frequently? As a major developing country, China affects the world in its own way. Progressively, Chinese people are travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. Along with this, a greater amount of international tourists is travelling to China, experiencing different cultures as well. This […]