The Kitchen Appliance Market in China

kitchen appliance market in China

Outlook of the kitchen appliance market in China According to IBISWorld, in 2019, the revenue of the kitchen appliance market in China was $51.9 billion. From 2019 to 2024, the revenue is forecast to increase at an annual rate of 2.8% to $59.55 billion. Compared to developed countries, the penetration rate of household appliances in […]

High Demand of New Blends and Premium Coffee Machines in China

Coffee machines in China

Coffee Machines in China. People worldwide drink a total of 7.4 billion cups of coffee every year, and 20 million cups of coffee are consumed every day. On average every coffee drinker drinks an average of 120 cups annually. The Finns drink the most coffee with the average Finn drinking 1459 cups of coffee a […]