New technology drives the Consumer Electronics Market in China

Consumer electronics market in China

In 2019, the consumer electronics market in China generated about 126 billion RMB in revenues. Consumer electronics refers to any electronic device that people use in everyday life. This includes televisions, cameras, headphones, tablets, smartphones and many other home products. Consumer electronics is a huge sector of China’s e-commerce market, with Apple being one of […]

Television market in China

television market in China

Overview of the television market in China The television market in China entered a long ‘winter season’ around 4-5 years ago. A series of problems emerged, including the decline in TV sales, the endless price war, and the difficulty in product innovation. In 2018, the retail volume of China’s color TV market was 47.74 million […]

Drones Market in China Has Room to Soar

Drones market in China

See how Daxue Consulting can help you and your brand Drones Market in China The Chinese government is not only committed to investing heavily in technological innovations but also to integrating them into the Chinese economy. This is readily seen with respect to drones. China’s drone industry is expected to exceed $11 billion by 2025. […]