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Cosmetic products include: Skincare products Shampoos and hair-care products Make-up products Products for children Sunscreen Anti-aging products Sports cosmetics Cosmeceuticals (products that combine cosmetic and pharmaceutical features, such as spot lightening cream, acne treatment lotion, and acne ointment.) The cosmetics industry in China in 2019 China has recently overtaken Japan to become the largest cosmetics […]

Market research: Make-up market in China

make-up market in China

Market research: Make-up market in China The Chinese cosmetics market is the third largest in the world. Both foreign and domestic producers compete for customers, although international brands are currently dominating. They share approximately 80% of the market with an evident leader, L’Oreal, which enjoys between 9-11% shares of the whole industry’s revenue. However, it […]

Cosmetic Brands China

selling cosmetic products China

Cosmetic Brands China Jala Group 2013 Beauty Sales Growth (year-on-year) Subsidiaries and Main Brands $ 0.79 billion (EST.) ¥ 5 billion (EST.) + 20% (EST.) Chando (skin care and make-ups), Chando BB Family, Maysu, Aglaia (skincare), Insea (cosmeceutical) RECENT HISTORY: With the slowdown in FMCG sector in 2013, some foreign cosmetic brands left the Chinese market, […]

Branding: Elizabeth Arden launch its skincare line in China

Elizabeth Arden Branding China

Branding: Elizabeth Arden launch its skincare line in China Cosmetics and fragrances US giant Elizabeth Arden has been launched in 2005 across mainland China, focusing on Shanghai and Hong Kong. After having commercialized their iconic red door fragrance, it’s their skincare line that they’re putting out on the Chinese market. Western creams and masks are […]

Nail polish market in China

Market Analysis for the New Products of Essie in China The well-known nail polish brand Essie recently released its 3 new series of nail colors: the Navigator Her series aims to target “beautiful and ambitious ladies“; the Resort series seeks to be a “miniature of the amazingly attractive world” and the Wedding series are for […]