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selling cosmetic products China

Cosmetic Brands China

Cosmetic Brands China

Jala Group

2013 Beauty SalesGrowth (year-on-year)Subsidiaries and Main Brands
$ 0.79 billion (EST.)

¥ 5 billion (EST.)

+ 20% (EST.)Chando (skin care and make-ups),

Chando BB Family, Maysu,

Aglaia (skincare), Insea (cosmeceutical)

RECENT HISTORY: With the slowdown in FMCG sector in 2013, some foreign cosmetic brands left the Chinese market, while domestic brands, embodied by Jala Group, still maintained favourable growth. Jala Group has now more than 18 million sales outlets with BB serum and Chando as most popular brands. At the same time, about 40% of total sales were completed online. As a partner of UNDP, Jala Group largely invested in technological development, for example, 3D skin cell model. In 2013, Jala cooperated with Shenzhou 10 spaceship to conduct biological research focusing on skin care products in aerospace. In the meantime, the company largely sponsored charity activities for branding. For example, it cooperated with CCTV for the TV program to honor most warm-hearted youth in China.

Jala cosmetics China


2013 Beauty SalesGrowth (year-on-year)Subsidiaries and Main Brands
$ 2.92 billion

¥ 18.43 billion

+ 1.02%Longliqi Biotech Co. Ltd,  Long Reach (skin care and make-up),

YA FEI (body care), Longliqi, Snake Oil (body care),

Guo Mu Ji Mi (skin care), Bao He Tang Pharmaceutical,

Superbklean (sanitary products)

RECENT HISTORY: In 2013, Xiaoping Xu became the CEO of Longliqi. The company applied many advanced business systems which largely improved the commercialization of new research findings. In the meantime, Longliqi invested about $100 million to build new factories for skin care, make-up and sanitary products. This initiative largely actualized automatic production and reduced labour costs. Furthermore, a strong competitive advantage of Longliqi is its efficient R&D management, which is known as quick R&D process of new advanced technologies. The company received certification from ISO22716:2007/GMPC and BRC Standard in 2013. The internationalization of Longliqi is mainly through OEM and ODM. Longliqi has built business with Carrefour, Walmart, Shiseido. This creates a business model for Chinese cosmetics to compete in the entire world.

Longliqi cosmetics= brands China

Shanghai Inoherb

2013 Beauty SalesGrowth (year-on-year)Subsidiaries and Main Brands
$ 0.36 billion

¥ 2.3 billion

+ 39%Inoherb Silk (facial care and mask), Rhodiola Rosea (skin care),

Gu Fang Jin Niang (skin care), Inoherb Mask

RECENT HISTORY: In 2013, Inoherb experienced a 39% increase and reached $0.36 billion up from $0.25 billion. The increase largely surpassed competitors, 50.2% higher than the average level. Inoherb`s distribution channels cover more than 6,000 stores and supermarkets. With recent application of ERP and BI system, Inoherb has improved the information construction across its overall business. Also, the company set up new factories and R&D centers. One success in R&D is its creation and branding activities of a series of products containing the essence of rhodiola rosea. Also in 2013, Inoherb stated its new business vision to be an ever-lasting enterprise like those enterprises which lasted more than 100 years. New values of the company are: honesty, humanism, being grateful to customers and producing more competitive products.

Shanghai Inoherb cosmetic Brands China


Marubi Cosmetics


2013 Beauty SalesGrowth (year-on-year)Subsidiaries and Main Brands
$ 0.62 billion (EST.)

¥ 3.9 billion (EST.)

+ 30% (EST.)Haruki (skin care), Marubi

RECENT HISTORY: In 2013, the sales of Marubi Cosmetics reached $0.62 billion with a +30% growth rate. The sales of the brand Marubi accounted for more than 80% of Marubi Cosmetics’ turnover. Also in 2013, Marubi Cosmetics received an investment from LVMH (L Capital Asia Funds). Among all types of Marubi`s products, eye cream contributed to 30% of the sales. Eye cream products will soon be sold through Sephora`s sales channels. To improve its eye cream products, Marubi established its specialized R&D eye-care product centre with an annual input of several millions RMB in 2014.

Marubi Cosmetic brands China

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