Cosmetics market in China

Cosmetics market in China

Overview of the cosmetics market in China China represents one of the most dynamic and untapped cosmetics and markets in the world. The last several years have proved highly beneficial for the market since it has undergone a rapid expansion phase. The Chinese cosmetics market was the 2nd largest in the world after the United States […]

China cosmetic market

china cosmetic market

China cosmetic market Beauty market is booming in China China cosmetic market growth has been accelerating for the past few years with increasing demand for high-quality foreign cosmetics. Retail sales in the industry has been increasing over previous years, doubling from RMB88.9 billion in 2010 to RMB162.5 billion in 2013. Skin-care and make-up products are […]

Market research: Make-up market in China

make-up market in China

Market research: Make-up market in China The Chinese cosmetics market is the third largest in the world. Both foreign and domestic producers compete for customers, although international brands are currently dominating. They share approximately 80% of the market with an evident leader, L’Oreal, which enjoys between 9-11% shares of the whole industry’s revenue. However, it […]

Cosmetic Brands China

selling cosmetic products China

Cosmetic Brands China Jala Group 2013 Beauty Sales Growth (year-on-year) Subsidiaries and Main Brands $ 0.79 billion (EST.) ¥ 5 billion (EST.) + 20% (EST.) Chando (skin care and make-ups), Chando BB Family, Maysu, Aglaia (skincare), Insea (cosmeceutical) RECENT HISTORY: With the slowdown in FMCG sector in 2013, some foreign cosmetic brands left the Chinese market, […]