Perfect Diary case study: How this Chinese makeup brand got to the top

Perfect Diary Private Traffic

The c-beauty brand Perfect Diary is one of the first Chinese cosmetics brands to go global. The rise of this Chinese cosmetics brand started on its home soil of China, using the strategies of KOL marketing, co-branding, and private traffic. This Perfect Diary case study dissects how the brand became so popular so fast. Since […]

Why the male beauty market in China should no longer be overlooked by beauty brands

male beauty market China

In the past few years, with the increase of purchasing power and the awakening of Chinese male beauty consumers’ awareness of personal care, the male beauty market in China has shown a huge potential of growth. Growing double the global growth rate, Chinese male beauty consumers have become a target market of both international and […]

Organic Cosmetics in China: Natural ingredients gaining popularity

organic cosmetics market in China

As natural and organic cosmetics products contain plant ingredients, manufacturers must acquire certification for using organic plant extracts. In accordance with a wide range of international standards, organic products cannot contain artificial spices or skin pigments nor can they make use of oil chemicals, such as preservatives and surfactants. Natural and organic cosmetics manufacturers cannot test […]

Research on Inoherb in China

Inoherb was set up in year 2000 by Ms. Feng Shuai, who is a descendant of a traditional Chinese Medicine family. The company is one of the earliest Chinese skin care product producers that is involved in using herbs. Being a brand designed primarily for women, Inoherb believes that beauty of a woman comes from […]