KTV in China: On the path of decline or looming for another rise?


Have you ever experienced an authentic Chinese lifestyle? If so, KTV must have been on the itinerary! KTV is a necessary component of life of young Chinese, with 24/7 operation, non-stop drinking, microphone hogs as well as a large variety of party games being its signature features. However, despite being favored by so many people, […]

Green consumption in China: the lesser-known ‘side-effect’ of COVID-19 for brands


Green consumption refers to consumers’ preference towards environmental-friendly products. The awareness of sustainability in China and green consumption has been a growing trend in pre-pandemic times and Chinese consumers have been increasingly motivated to choose eco-friendly and social-friendly products for the sake of protecting the environment. This has been proven by a number of recent […]

A brief history of air travel in China since the 1980s

air travel in China

The story of air travel in China began on February 21, 1972, when a Boeing 707 landed at the Beijing Airport. This particular 707 was the U.S. Airforce One at the time, and it was also the first Boeing commercial jetliner to ever land in China. As U.S. President Richard Nixon walked off the air […]