Podcast transcript #41: Selling wine in China in an unconventional way

Selling wine in China

Find here the full China paradigm episode 41. Learn more about Claudia Masueger’s story in selling wine in China and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: ​ Hello everyone. I am Matthieu David the founder of Daxue consulting and its China marketing podcast, China Paradigm. Today I am with Claudia Masueger, the founder […]

Cross-Cultural Influences: Foreign Food in China Is The Trend

Since 2008, the imported food market has been flourishing in China. What Chinese people can now found in the supermarket a huge selection of foreign items and brands, such as chips, sushi, and biscuit. In comparison, Chinese traditional food is declining. Cross-Cultural Influences of foreign food in China  The advent of foreign cultures, e-commerce platform, […]