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Modern tools for managing humanity: AI used by the Chinese government | Daxue Consulting

AI used by the Chinese government

AI used by the Chinese government “The dividend of government policies is a key factor behind China’s AI development.” Baidu co-founder and CEO Robin Li was quoted saying at the 2018 Baidu World Technology Conference in Beijing.  One of the Chinese government’s greatest ambitions, with the Communist Party at the forefront, is to make China […]

Emotional data in China: when emotions become measurable | Daxue Consulting

emotional data in China

Emotion is a universal language, difficult to decipher, and very particular. What if brands today were able to know how a consumer feels when he/she sees an advertisement or enters a store? How would this change marketing? Daxue Consulting has dived into the field of emotional data in China and gives you all the keys […]

Can companies predict the future using Big Data in China?

big data in China

Say goodbye to crystal balls, here is Big Data in China Some say that it may soon allow us to predict the future, while others see it as the worst nightmare for privacy protection. In China, where access to secondary data is difficult due to lack of transparency, Big Data in China offers great opportunities […]

Data collection in China

Daxue Consulting has managed many projects focusing on data collection. As a young and dynamic firm, we are intensively using new generation tools, softwares, codes and APIs to build tools for you to collect the data you need, whether it is from platforms such as LinkedIn, Taobao, Weibo or blogs. We can process dozens of thousands […]