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Data collection in China

Daxue Consulting has managed many projects focusing on data collection. As a young and dynamic firm, we are intensively using new generation tools, softwares, codes and APIs to build tools for you to collect the data you need, whether it is from platforms such as LinkedIn, Taobao, Weibo or blogs. We can process dozens of thousands of data.

These projects aim to enable our customers to get access to as many data as they need and source the best information from the web as well as from offline through manual work, interviews and contacts.

Methodologies for data-collection

To collect data in a specific field, Daxue Consulting may use various methodologies:

  • SNS, Web 2.0 and E-commerce platforms collection through APIs on LinkedIn, Taobao, Weibo, Blogger, etc.
  • Information Collection through the Internet (Baidu, google, specific platforms) and magazines (specific fields, analysis of competitors, competing media plans),
  • Cold-calling to confirm email and phone number
  • Interviews to aggregate data,
  • Opportunistic methodologies depending on the opportunities which show up,
  • Smartphone Apps to collect data in different areas and contexts.

Delivery for a data-collection project

A data-collection project nearly always involves an Excel or a CSV file but can also include an entire software or an application

  • An excel file every month containing 1,000 qualified contacts from LinkedIn,
  • A price sensitivity analysis on Taobao through thousands of prices,
  • A contacts basis through online research and phone confirmation,
  • A PowerPoint with precise contacts and data on dozens of companies obtained through the internet and phone calls.

Some references for data collection

Daxue Consulting recently realized the following data collection projects:

  • For an insurance company, output of 1,000 qualified contacts a month sourced from Linkedin,
  • For an investment fund, collection of more than 120 targets with exact factsheets,
  • For a language school, output of 2,000 qualified contacts sourced from Facebook and Linkedin every month.

Price for a data-collection

A data collection is charged on a day-study/person basis between 500 and 3000 RMB (55 and 330 euros). The minimum price for a data-collection is 2,000 RMB (220 euros). Some projects may reach up to 500,000 RMB (50,000 euros) especially when it is part of a long-term contract.

Daxue consulting is the most cost-effective market research in China. Sourcing students’ brains from top Chinese universities to complete market research through well-kown methodologies such as documentary research in China, store-checks in China, focus groups in China, interviews, benchmarks, all of them at a very competitive price thanks to our business model and our localization in China. Each of our project is tailor-made and goes with adapted technological smart tools.