New technology drives the Consumer Electronics Market in China

Consumer electronics market in China

In 2019, the consumer electronics market in China generated about 126 billion RMB in revenues. Consumer electronics refers to any electronic device that people use in everyday life. This includes televisions, cameras, headphones, tablets, smartphones and many other home products. Consumer electronics is a huge sector of China’s e-commerce market, with Apple being one of […]

China Paradigm 68: Why using WeChat for B2B sales is a game-changer

Wechat for B2B sales

In this episode of China paradigm, Larry Feng, Owner of Icfrom, speaks with Matthieu David about using WeChat for B2B sales. In this episode, Larry talks about electronics components and Icfrom’s target customers. He also mentions about how WeChat acts as the right platform for Icfrom for selling products internationally. 00:59 What’s the size of […]

The electronic component market in china

fil control textile electronic

The domination of Asian countries and china on the electronic component market Asian countries compete with other countries all around the world as far as electronic component production is concerned, boosted by an expanding domestic market and low labor costs. Therefore, electronic component market (supply and demand) is moving towards Asian countries which register a […]