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The electronic component market in china

The domination of Asian countries and china on the electronic component market

fil control textile electronic

Asian countries compete with other countries all around the world as far as electronic component production is concerned, boosted by an expanding domestic market and low labor costs. Therefore, electronic component market (supply and demand) is moving towards Asian countries which register a high growth.

Due to its fast development in terms of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), China has become the world’s largest electronic products manufacturer, especially concerning televisions, computers, mobile phones and DVD players. Moreover, China’s most common electronic components – lower end and premium components – represent the world’s biggest electronic component production. Revenue of electronic component production in China registered an annual average growth of 11.9% the last five years.

China’s electronic component manufacturing is currently in a growth phase. This is shown by annual growth rates of 9.4% in the value added of industry since 2008, and this growth will remain stable until 2018, according to estimates. Thus, electronic component industry is expected to increase gradually and quickly in the future.

The number of companies which make the industry work will also rise very quickly. With China’s accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization), a lot of world-famous companies which produce computers, mobile phones and other communication devices have settled their manufacturing centers in China.

China’s future on the electronic component market

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Is China tomorrow’s leader in terms of electronics? One thing is certain: a leading and autonomous electronic industry is emerging in China. China’s electronic equipment production growth has even been described as the most important shift in the world’s electronic industry.

This development is widely supported by China’s government, whose goal is to make electronic national industry an independent and competitive activity, pulling China’s economic development.

Fil control, one of the electronic component leaders for textile industry, present in china for 10 years

Fil Control, the electronic component manufacturer, is one of the electronic component leaders in textile industry. As many European manufacturing companies, Fil Control benefits from the rise of China in terms of textile industry and electronic components, and has settled its first manufacturing plant in China in 2004, in Wuhu. The company has therefore been present in China for 10 years. With the help of local suppliers, Fil Control offers quality services to its customers. Its branch in China offers a wide range of services, like production, conception, installation, textile equipments and electronic components.

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