China’s gaming crackdown and the impact on game manufacturers and the e-sports industry

China’s gaming crackdown

Recently, Chinese government initiated several crackdowns on different industries. One of them was China’s gaming crackdown. Strict regulations regarding this sphere started as early as 2019 and continued in 2021, they included rules for video game characters and limited time to play games for minors. The number of underage Internet users in China in 2019 […]

China Paradigm 86: Bringing Chinese gaming innovation to the Middle East

gaming market in China

Matthieu David interviews Vincent Ghossoub, co-founder & CEO of Falafel Games. Building a company that handles game development and game publishing in China can definitely be a challenge. But how big does this challenge become if your main goal is to develop games for an Arabic market? In this new China Paradigm podcast interview, we […]