China Paradigm 85: Why the 21st century Karl Marx would build a brand to communicate ideology

fashion brands in China

Matthieu David interviews Fashionable Futures’ Kate Padget-Koh, a Founder & Consultant, Industry Expert in Fashion, and Kanch Porta-Panjabi, a Founder & Entrepreneur. Their company specializes in helping clients build sustainable fashion brands in China. What Fashionable Futures’ definition of sustainability is and what their superpower is when it comes to developing brands will be the […]

Start a Fashion Brands in China

China’s fast-growing consumer class is giving business owners new reasons to set up shop abroad. China’s consumer market explodes as tens of millions of people join the middle class every year (that’s 300 million and counting). Today, China shifts its entire economic paradigm from the “factory of the world” to the “mall of the world.” […]