KFC, the most ‘sustainable’ F&B brand in China: PR Miracle or Reality?


As early as 1987, KFC entered the Chinese market and rapidly expanded. As of December 2021, KFC in China holds over 8,100 outlets across 1,600 cities. To attract Chinese consumers and cater to the Chinese taste, KFC in China has glocalized its menus – offering not only its signature fried chicken, but traditional Chinese options […]

The fast-food market in China: How American brands have conquered the market

The fast food market

The fast-food market in China is on the rise IBIS’ report estimates that the fast food industry in China will generate $177.6 billion in 2019, up almost 8 percent from 2018. KFC came to China in 1987 and ushered in the fast food market. McDonalds and other western food restaurants soon followed seeing the potential […]

Food industry: Franchise a brand in China

franchise del marchio in cina

During the 1990s, Chinese consumers flocked to Western fast-food chains, drawn to them by their features, such as clean bathrooms and air-conditioning —at that time a novelty in China. But since then, fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC have struggled against increasing competition from a boom in Chinese fast-food restaurant chains and a shift toward […]

Restaurant Market in China: Mass Consumption Is the Main Force

Restaurant Market in China

  China’s food and beverage market are steadily rising due to the rapid development of the mass restaurant market. Intelligent equipment is in general in restaurants. Compared to the traditional preference of expensive ingredients, an increasing amount of Chinese customers tends to pay more attention to food health and dining environment. With the help of […]