Sanitary pads, tampons: everything you need to know about the feminine hygiene market in China

Feminine hygiene in China

The market for feminine hygiene in China is difficult to understand. Between the open-mindedness of younger consumers and the old beliefs of older women, preferences differ. In 2017, China’s female population was 679 million. This leaves many opportunities for feminine hygiene brands. However, the obstacles are numerous. Daxue Consulting gives an overview of the obstacles […]

The Feminine Hygiene Industry in China: Wishu Tampon’s Story

Daxue Consulting-Daxue Consulting Employees

Till this day China’s market has been one of the most promising markets in the world with 1.357 billion of consumers. Focus-Economics (2016) states the Chinese economy experienced an astonishing growth in the last few decades that catapulted the country to become the world’s second-largest economy; China exited the financial crisis with GDP growing above 9%, […]