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The athleisure market in China: opportunities in an increasingly active country

Athleisure market in China

Athleisure is a fusion of fashion and athletic apparel, fit for a wide variety of occasions, such as at work, school, socializing, and of course, a variety of workouts. People dressing in athleisure clothes often present an active healthy lifestyle, 35.1% of individuals opted for regular exercise as their means of maintaining health in 2022. Download […]

Survey on fitness beliefs and exercise habits in China

survey on fitness habits in China

The scale of the Chinese sports and fitness industry is exploding. According to data compiled by the Chinese General Administration of Sports, from 2016 to 2025, the number of athletically engaged people in China will grow by 39%, from 360 million to 500 million. Not only will there be more athletes and fitness fans, but […]

The Chinese boxing market and the women driving it

Chinese boxing market

With the changes in Chinese fitness consumer groups and improved spending power, increasingly more people choose niche sports such as boxing to satisfy their diverse fitness needs. Although there is still a big gap in the recognition and participation of boxing compared with western countries, thanks to large population base in China, boxing market in […]

An insight into the growing health awareness in China

health awareness in China

Following economic growth and increasing willingness to pay (WTP) has given rise to higher health awareness in China with a growing need that accelerates a paradigm shift from being a reactive consumer to a proactive consumer. China is rapidly becoming the world’s largest market for healthy eating. A report by Boston Consulting group had estimated […]

How SUPERMONKEY gym is transforming China’s fitness industry into a retail model

SUPERMONKEY China market strategy

Founded in 2014, the SUPERMONKEY gym chain started out as a 24-hour self-served gym box in Shenzhen. Within a year, it offered group class studios and expanded to Shanghai and Beijing in 2016 and 2018, respectively. To date, SUPERMONKEY owns more than 100 physical stores in prime areas of nine major cities across China, including […]

Martial arts in China: an old market driven by new opportunities | Daxue Consulting

Martial arts in China

Martial arts in China have been practiced for thousands of years. Today, with Consumers’ newfound leisure spending, their practice is at the highest in its history. Given China’s rapid evolution in all sectors, we investigated the many new dynamics reshaping this rather traditional market.  A booming market – factors for the success of martial arts in […]

Chinese-Swedish entrepreneur in the market for fitness apps in China develops a unique product/service to target local’s paid fitness market: China Paradigm transcript #21 with Tom Xiong from Move Shanghai

Entrepreneur develops fitness app in China

This transcript is based on our interview with Tom Xiong, a serial entrepreneur and a key figure in the market for fitness apps in China. He is the founder of Move Shanghai. Move Shanghai is one of the most interesting players in the market for fitness apps in China (explore how and why China’s fitness industry is […]