IKEA in China: Big Furniture Retail Adapts to the Chinese Market

Ikea in China

China has enjoyed rapid economic development since it opened its doors to the international market. The living conditions in China have significantly improved due to the economic strength China has gained. With the continuous improvements, the purchase power parity has driven China’s furniture market to develop. The population of China has become more willing to invest in home […]

China’s furniture market has a great potential

China's furniture market

As a global furniture production center, China has been the biggest country manufacturing furniture in the world since 2006. The total sales of furniture manufacture industry reach to 750.8 billion in 2014 with a 15% growth. This number will continuously improve because of the development of the country while professional specialized children’s furniture has the […]

Furniture market in China

furniture market in China

Furniture market in China Overall picture in furniture market in China China now has become the largest furniture production base and exporter in the world thanks to recent three decades of rapid economic growth and increasing disposable income, living standards and purchasing power. According to the information released by China National Furniture Association, the output […]