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Sustainability in China: What are the drivers and benefits of going green in the Middle Kingdom?

sustainability in China

China’s commitment to green development is paramount in the global climate transition. With its status as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases since 2006, China’s strategic vision of ‘Building a Beautiful China’ since 2012 emphasizes the imperative of ecological protection and sustainable resource utilization. President Xi’s recent emphasis on harmonizing humanity with nature reinforces the […]

From high-rise buildings to sustainable materials: trends in Chinese apartment complexes

Chinese apartment complexes

Living in a Chinese apartment is a unique experience that blends modernity with tradition. Most apartments are in high-rise buildings and come in different sizes and designs, ranging from cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom units. The apartments are typically furnished with modern appliances, sleek furniture, and stylish decor, with many Chinese homeowners placing great emphasis […]

The Golden Age of American Solar Energy. How can China tap into that sunshine?


Chinese companies are a dominant force in the world’s solar market, accounting for 46% of renewable generating capacity in 2021. Likewise, the American solar energy sector is also booming, expected to continue growing at an average rate of 8% annually through 2022. According to Bloomberg, total US investment in clean energy could reach 2 trillion […]

China’s blueprint of sustainable development in green technologies


China, the most populous nation in the world, has set itself the ambitious goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. The path from its current status as the world’s biggest emitter of CO2 toward a leading green superpower within only four decades will undoubtedly be challenging. What are Beijing’s strategies for “greening” the Chinese economy? […]

What China’s new carbon emission trading market means for businesses

China’s carbon emission trading

On July 16, the Vice-Minister for Ecology and Environment Zhao Yingmin officially ushered in the China’s long-planned carbon emission trading market, the world’s largest CO2 market. The carbon exchange system, which made its debut with 4.1 million tons of carbon dioxide quotas worth 210 million RMB traded in a single day, was actually launched in […]

Green Technology in China:  From the Perspective of Electric Cars Market

  In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, accompanied by the increasingly serious environmental pollution. PM2.5 become the focus of public attention to air indicators. The tail gas of the fuel vehicle is also an important factor causing the pollution. In order to improve the environment, the use of green technology of electric or […]