China and the Green Technology: Emerging as a Great Power

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Sustainability, source reduction, innovation, viability, these expressions are associated with the green technology, indicating that the technology is eco-friendly. Energy, green building and green chemistry are all involved in green technology, showing that it is making its way in numerous fields.

Eco-friendly technology

To reach the goal of reducing consumption and pollution, scientists, researchers and government strive to improve manufacturing and packaging process and also to develop the independent technology-green technology. It can be categorized in terms of industry, including energy technology, material technology, clean coal technology and so on. The technology is also attached to countries’ characteristics. The green technology should be developed according to the nation’s geology, climate, natural resource and political environment.

China and the green technologyLearning from the past

Population increase, climate change and industrial pollution, all are pushing countries to cut waste and pollution generated in industrialization process. Over 5000 people died in London Smog Disasters in 1952. The financial loss of 1.5 billion dollars happened to the United States in the 1940s. Japan experienced about four vital events related to chemical pollution in the last century. Those are passed events and lessons while China is suffering from smog disaster and industrial pollution in current time. In 2015, Beijing issued several times the red alert, the highest alert level for haze. About 1.3 million deaths are attributed to air pollution every year. Not just air, water and soil can all receive “treasures” from science and technology development, urging companies and government to introspect and find solutions. Over 90% of the cities in China are experiencing severe water pollution, which causes financial loss of 240 billion RMB every year. Thus, redirection to the green technology is inevitable.

China and the Green Technology as a great power

China has made progress in the green technology itself. Until now, China has succeeded in developing the technology of energy, material, catalyst, separation, recycling, and biology. Specifically, China introduces new materials to reduce material waste, formaldehyde emission and to increase degradable rates. Moreover, biology technology has made a lot of achievements in agriculture. Hybrid rice has enabled China to deal with the concurrence of the shortage of food and the huge population of the country. Genetically modified food helps to deal with the damages brought by natural disasters, virus or pests. In a global society, Chinese green technology has also stepped forward, making its appearance at the U.S. ecological exhibition. Green Leading companies in China combined green technology with products and showcased them in Los Angeles in 2014. For instance, Huawei brought more than 10 high-end products, the BYD’s electric cars attracted many visitors.

The partnership with other countries and government’s determination bring a bright future for China’s green technology. Green technology in China has many drawbacks compared to the other countries. For example, the innovation system has been well established to encourage and protect green technology innovation. They also carry out horizontal organizational structures to minimize the management consumptions. Green technology is even used in emerging industries like during the eco-fashion week that is hosted every year in London, New York, and Vancouver. However, the support from government and partnership with other countries make it possible for China to advance in the green technology road. On one hand, China invested over 50 billion dollars in clean energy every year. Besides, every 6 of 7 priority industries are green technology related in government’s plan. On the other hand, Beijing MCC Equipment has signed an agreement with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) to allow Australia to present a smart technology with a trial in Beijing.

The support from the Chinese government has encouraged people to set up companies focusing on the green technology or even to develop new products related to it. China will try to apply green technology in new and emerging industries.

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