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China’s blueprint of sustainable development in green technologies


China, the most populous nation in the world, has set itself the ambitious goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. The path from its current status as the world’s biggest emitter of CO2 toward a leading green superpower within only four decades will undoubtedly be challenging. What are Beijing’s strategies for “greening” the Chinese economy? […]

Sustainable consumption in China: Are Chinese consumers ready to ride the green wave?

Sustainable consumption

In 2018, dairy company Yili Group released a report on sustainable consumption in China in which it mentioned that over 90% of Chinese consumers were aware of sustainable consumption and 70% were very conscientious of it. Awareness of eco-friendly consumption in China is increasing as sustainability and environmental summits and conferences are flourishing. In a […]

Green Buildings in China: Market drivers and misconceptions

Eco-friendly buildings in China

Green buildings have established themselves as a key element in the future development of the Chinese economy. In fact, 25% of energy consumed in China is attributed to buildings. The green building industry’s expansion is occurring quickly. While the first green building was built in 2005, today there are more than 1 billion square meters […]

Green products in China: Growing out of ‘Niche’ but needs more investment

Eco-friendly consumption in China

Green products in China have become very successful in the past few years as the ‘green voice’ of citizens garners attention. Awareness of pollution and healthcare problems have transformed consumer’s habits significantly. Chinese markets are integrating this new pattern into their strategy and pay more attention to this global phenomenon, shifting towards green products at […]

Eco-friendly Household Products in China

Household Products in China

With the increased of environmental awareness of Chinese consumers and with the Chinese government’s environmental policy support, household products market demand for environmentally friendly products increases at the same time. Household products in China with the concept of environmental protection and creative packaging will be the main trend of the market. Compared to foreign relatively […]