China Paradigm 76: Starting a healthy lifestyle business in China

Wellness Coach China

In this episode of China Paradigm, Kimberly Ashton, Co-Founder at Yin Lifestyle & Sprout Lifestyle, speaks with Matthieu David about the healthy lifestyle business in China. We learn about Yin Lifestyle’s products, service, and its typical clients. She also mentions the certifications, technology in the nutrition industry and more. 2:19 The story of founding the […]

Wahaha Group : The rising thirst of China

To know more about the beverage market, contact us at  Wahaha Group is Catching Up With The Trend Founded in 1987, Wahaha is now the biggest food and beverage enterprise in China, ranking the fifth in the world. Its annual sales volume reaches 55 billion RMB. The success of it comes from its marketing […]