Smart Buildings in China: Creating a smart city ecosystem

Smart buildings in China

The rise of smart technology in China China is carrying out the process of creating ‘Smart Cities’. A smart city is an urban area that uses various kinds of information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency and manage resources. Smart cities in China are comprised of smart technology. Smart technology is technology that makes […]

Emotional data in China: when emotions become measurable | Daxue Consulting

emotional data in China

Emotion is a universal language, difficult to decipher, and very particular. What if brands today were able to know how a consumer feels when he/she sees an advertisement or enters a store? How would this change marketing? Daxue Consulting has dived into the field of emotional data in China and gives you all the keys […]

[Podcast] China Paradigm #32: How can foreign tech companies succeed in China

podcast tech companies China

China Paradigm interviews Andrei Prokhorovich, the founder and General Director of Eurasia Development Ltd. Andrei shares his vision of opening China’s market to foreign high-tech companies, how they can succeed in China and his insight on what barriers foreign companies face when entering China. Highlights of this episode include: How he got involved in technology […]

The High-tech Market in China: From the Perspective of Intelligent Hardware

To know more about the High-tech Market in China, contact us at From the Perspective of Intelligent Hardware The development of mobile Internet is changing with each passing day, new technology, new products and new patterns appear every day.  Intelligent hardware is the future of the mobile Internet, the Giants of the Chinese Internet […]