How this humble Chinese instant noodle brand (White Elephant) reacts to the sudden virality


While instant noodle giants Uni-President (统一) and Master Kong (康师傅) were busy dealing with the negative publicity for using problematic “dirt pickles” (土坑酸菜) after being exposed by CCTV at the annual “315” consumer rights, White Elephant’s (白象) sales skyrocketed to approximately RMB 10 million in just one week. Much of the instant noodle market in […]

Instant noodles market in China: a recession-resistant meal

instant noodles market in China

Instant noodles are made of dried and precooked noodles, along with flavoring powder and seasoning oil. They are popular all over China and are made by just adding hot water. In 2016, the global consumption of instant noodles reached 97.5 billion units. Equivalently, the daily consumption of instant noodles was 270 million units around the […]