The pinnacle of the Chinese luxury watch market: Rolex in China | Daxue Consulting

Rolex in China

There is a saying in China: 穷人玩车,富人玩表, “The poor play with luxury cars, while the rich play with luxury watches”. As the Chinese earnings are increasing, their demand for luxury products is also increasing. In 2017, Swiss watch exports saw their strongest growth in more than five years according to a report by the Federation of the […]

Branding: Chinese luxury watch market

hermes in China

Branding: Chinese luxury watch market The Chinese luxury watch market is facing many issues when coming to branding and naming strategy. As most occidental companies are now realizing, naming is crucial when it comes to the Chinese market. Indeed, Chinese speakers will have a hard time memorizing and pronouncing the English name of brands or […]

Market analysis of the Chinese perfume market

-guerlain in China

Market analysis of the Chinese perfume market Market share Like other skincare products and cosmetics, foreign brands have taken up the majority of the shares in Chinese perfume market.  Data from market research illustrates that all the top 10 perfume sellers are foreign brands, and they take up 48.8% of Chinese perfume market. These brands […]

What are the differences between Chinese and Western consumers for luxury goods?

luxury goods market in China

A substantial growth in China’s luxyry goods market mainly thanks to young consumers China is the second largest country in terms of luxury goods consumption after Japan. By March 2011, the total amount of its consumption has reached 107 billion U.S dollars, accounting for 27.5% of the global luxury goods market.  It seems that the […]