China’s luxury leather goods market remains resilient despite the pandemic

Chinese consumers were reported to spend 741 billion RMB on luxury goods in 2021, recording an increase of 36% compared to the previous year. Despite the impact of Covid-19, China’s luxury market has witnessed continuous growth. According to Bain & Company, China’s luxury market accounted for 21% of the global market in 2021, and it […]

Unpacking the challenges of the secondhand clothing market in China

In China, an estimated 26 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year, whereas less than 1% of that amount is reused or recycled. Due to association with poverty and the concept of mianzi (面子), many Chinese people are unwilling to buy and wear secondhand clothing, leading to mass production and waste accumulation in […]

China Chic: The Emergence of Chinese luxury brands


Nowadays Chinese consumers are a major driver of growth for the global luxury industry and their importance is bound to increase in the years to come. Indeed, mainland China is expected to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2025, thereby surpassing the regional share of the Americas and Europe. Covid-19 travel restrictions induced […]

China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ initiative and its potential economic impacts explained

China’s Common Prosperity’

In early 2021, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a speech emphasizing the importance of ‘Common Prosperity’, setting this concept as a tone in policy making for the next few years. As a policy-guided and increasingly modernized country, China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ campaign gathers momentum and impacts all aspects of society almost instantly. What’s China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ […]

Five steps to future-proofing for luxury brands in China

luxury brands in China

China’s luxury market accounted for 20% of the global luxury market in 2020 and it is expected to become the largest luxury market by 2025, thereby surpassing the regional share of the Americas and Europe. According to the report jointly released by Ruder Finn & Consumer Search Group, consumer confidence has been restored as 41% […]

More powerful than “I love you”: Gift giving culture among Chinese couples

gift giving culture among Chinese couples

Across many cultures, gift giving has stuck out as an important way to express love and commitment in a relationship. China’s gift giving culture expands far beyond romantic relationships to include family, friends and even business relationships, but gift giving in romantic relationships remains tradition during China’s six valentine’s days. Although feminism is gaining momentum […]

The Chinese Daigou industry explained: The future of surrogate shopping in China

Daigou in China

Daigou (代购) is a form of surrogate shopping in China as a means to receive cheaper luxury goods from duty free shops and foreign countries. Along with the growth in tourism, the luxury market, and increased disposable income, the Daigou market in China has developed rapidly in the past ten years. Until 2014, the market […]