What happens when luxury fashion brands tap into the F&B industry in China

Luxury brands are venturing outside of their core market segment, especially when it comes to Asia. Beyond expanding into fashion-related sectors, such as beauty and jewelry, several luxury fashion brands decided to tap into the F&B industry. In 2015, Gucci made the move to open a restaurant called “1921 Gucci Café” in Shanghai’s luxury shopping […]

How the Chinese luxury market poised to become the largest in the world

the luxury market in China

According to McKinsey, China will contribute 41% of global luxury consumption by 2025. The Chinese luxury market is now vital for many European brands. Since its explosion in the 1990s, the sector continues to grow and is poised to become the first in the world. Recent events like the coronavirus pandemic or technological improvement in […]

Tommy Hilfiger in China: Digital marketing and celebrity endorsements

Tommy Hilfiger in China case study

Founded in 1985, in The United States, Tommy Hilfiger is a highly recognizable designer brand dedicated to producing unique, classic and highly fashionable clothing and accessories for the global market. The product range includes men and women’s wear, children’s wear and a jeans collection. Other affiliated products include as watches and perfumes. Tommy Hilfiger in […]

Insights of the Decline of China’s Luxury Industry

China's Luxury Industry

The Impact of China’s Economy Slow Down As China’s economy slows down, the luxury industry is experiencing a slump. 2015 China Luxury Report from Daxue Consulting says that China’s luxury market has been declining in two consecutive years. Data shows that China’s luxury market size in 2015 was 113 billion yuan, dropping by 2% from […]

Luxury brands on Chinese social network services

What is the most efficient way to build your reputation using the Chinese Internet? Of course, there is a multitude of answers for this question, regarding to the specificities of each sector or each company. Here is a focus on the strategy of leading brand in China. Social Presence in Chinese Internet The social animation […]