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Who are Chinese netizens? Analysis on Internet Users in China

Internet users in China; Chinese netizens

Currently China has 904 million Internet users, which is equal to 65% of the population. The unique thing about the usage of Internet in China is that 99.1% of total Chinese internet use is through mobile instead of laptop or desktop. Currently there are 897 million mobile users in China. Hence, the future growth of […]

Innovation in China: What makes the difference?

innovation in China

Innovation in China It is globally accepted that China has recently become a global place for innovation. More European entrepreneurs and existing brands go to this country to implement ideas and attract local customers. Companies seek to find innovative ways of running a business more effectively. As long as China is becoming a global economy […]

The market of kindergarten in China: pricing, market-sizing and potential

market of kindergarten in China

The market of kindergarten in China: pricing, market-sizing and potential The conclusion is clear and known from the Chinese government: China sorely lacks kindergartens. By 2020, according to most population experts, China plans to enroll 40 million kids in crèches. Our focus is on the market of kindergarten in China. When the supply struggles to […]

Market analysis: Jean-Luc Colombo in China

Jean-Luc Colombo has become a notable wine personality due to his strong and outspoken opinions on the future of the French wine industry and such wine-making topics as extended maceration and organic viticulture. Since opening up his Cornas-based wine-consulting firm in 1984, Colombo has worked with over 100 estates in the Rhone Valley including such […]